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"DG Restro", is an innovative dining experience. Now time has arrived when your restaurant need to be adapted to
latest technology in day-to-day operation. Let your Customers come out of orthodox paper-card
menu and experience a more dynamic way of dining by using these features
of our tab menu system "DG Restro"

Exclusive Features of Area / Table Management

Exclusive features of Area / Table Management

  • Define Area & Tables as per layout of your restaurant.
  • Individual rates for items as per area, no more hassle for different paper menus.
  • Define tables with sitting capacity that would ease the operation.
  • Occupied Table indicator for crowd management.
  • Indicator to show tables In-Billing, for smooth waiting area management.
  • Indicator to show tables Available, for customers to select table of their choice.
Digital Restaurant Menu

Dynamic Menu

  • Category wise item display for better visualization of menu.
  • Customer can search and filter items on their fingertip.
  • Tempting images that brings the food alive!
  • Video, Ingredients, Recipe of each item to enhance guest dining experience.
  • Pricing information of each item that helps in deciding the food to be order.
  • "Guest favorite item indication" for better selection.
Food Ordering from Tablet

One Touch Order

  • Quick "One touch order system", for smooth function.
  • Customer can View the order to ascertain what order they have placed.
  • Customer can view their current Bill status to keep check on their order.
  • Check out, Take Away, Delivery option- a complete dining plus delivery experience.
  • Kitchen notes that allow you to have dish as you want.
Service & Utility

Service & Utility

  • No more customer waiving to catch the attention of waiter, call him on a single click.
  • Request water, napkin, forks, finger bowl, cleaning table or any other service just on click.
  • Entertain yourself with music-audio-video that feels you fresh.
  • Customer can have a Panoramic view of the Area of their choice.
  • Customer can choose table from the selected area of their choice.
  • Stay updated with the current Offers available at restaurant.
Restaurant Kitchen Manager

Kitchen Manager

  • Table wise order display to serve the customer better.
  • Real time KOT printing improves your kitchen efficiency.
  • KOT will be displayed in kitchen.
  • KOT bifurcation of every section in a restaurant i.e. Dining, Bar, Juice Corner etc.
  • Admin has the right to recall the Order.
  • KOT Reprint for better management.
Restaurant Tab Menu

Billing Desk

  • Table wise billing facility is available in DG Restro.
  • Bill printing facility for customer management.
  • Bill Reprint for better management.
  • Continue ordering even after bill request.
  • Give discounts to your loyal customers as per your choice.
  • Remove items from bill in case of any disputes.
Tablet Menu Solution


  • Get your realtime billing details on one touch.
  • No more waiting for bill as you finish the dining.
  • Request a bill as you finish the order.
  • Choose your payment option, Cash or Card.
  • Payment confirmation helps to maintain flawless accounting.
  • Set up the taxes as applicable for your restaurant.
Feedback Mechanism

Feedback Mechanism

  • Set your own review parameters and modify them as per the need of time.
  • Allow your customer to rate your restaurant on different parameter: Service, Food,
    Atmosphere, etc.
  • See feedback and fine tune the area where restaurant is lacking while promote strong points.
  • Rate your staff ability to serve customer on the basis of feedback.
  • Receive instant alerts for negative feedback you receive from your customers.

Branding of Restaurant

Branding and Promotion

  • History and milestone of restaurant for promotion.
  • Insert your own restaurant logo and get your own branding done.
  • Photos, videos or footages of kitchen to provide in hand experience.
  • Events @ Place option to get the customers aware about upcoming events.
  • News @ Place to let the customers know about recent happenings in restaurant.