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Why DGRestro

Digital is the word!! ''DGRestro'', the one stop tablet menu solution for your restaurant, offers the complete package that improves sales dramatically, enhance customer experience,
and improves efficiency, all these on "fingertip"!!

Boost Sales

Boost Sales 8-10 %

  • Entice your customers with tempting images. Remember "people eat with their eyes".
  • Satisfy instinct craving. Customer can order food many times in between without waiving
    stewards each time.
  • Promoting special items leads to improvement in sales.
Reduce Manpower

Reduce Manpower 25-30%

  • Your stewards are capable to handle more number of tables with "DGRestro", as
    compared to paper menu.
  • Serve more customers with less number of stewards, especially in rush hours.
  • Reduced manpower means more profitability for your restaurant without compromising in
    quality of service.
Reduce Printing Cost

Reduce Printing Cost-100%

  • With "DGRestro" the digital restaurant menu, forget updating menu, price with additional
    cost of printing. Do it as per your convenience.
  • Promote "Guest special dish", with no additional printing cost.
  • With DGRestro you get away with printing, thus actually you are contributing toward
    "Eco Friendly System".
Reduce serving time

Reduce serving time 15-20%

  • Faster turn means more sales. Reducing serving time means better table utilization in
    stipulated time.
  • Enjoy the digital dining environment where there is no frustration due to longer
    serving time.
Boost Customer Satisfaction

Boost Customer Satisfaction 30-40% :

  • No one likes to wait!! Let your customer browse the menu and see the recipe details, ingredients.
  • Browse, Order & Enjoy, a real dining experience!
  • Be the frontrunner in restaurant industry that set you aside from the mob.
  • Your customers will surely love to order food from “DGRestro”, their acceptability will improve
    your eateries performance.
100% Ordering Accuracy

Ordering Accuracy - 100%

  • "DG Restro", provides full accuracy in ordering. No more arguement on "Wrong Orders"
    taken by stewards.
  • Customer has full freedom to browse, select and order from the menu. Further process
    of confirming the order provides complete accuracy in ordering process
Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition

  • Build your Restaurant reputation with brandishing your history, milestone, celebrities
    visited etc.
  • Vibrant image, video or footage of kitchen that add value.
  • Feel the power of "Word of mouth publicity", when your customer share your menu on their
    facebook wall.
Reinforce Your Restaurant

Reinforce Your Restaurant

  • "DGRestro", keep your restaurant always high on Popularity radar, thanks to its chic look
  • It completely change the way "Restaurants serve its customers", best ever experience for them.
  • In the era of cut throat competition "DGRestro", add digital touch to your eateries hence you
    will always in the elite league without investing too much.